About us

What is Locoshop?

A global search engine with a “local first” approach, Locoshop is designed to help shoppers save time by quickly locating brand name products in the closest nearby stores – and to help stores get more direct online visibility for the products they carry in stock. When searching for a product on Locoshop, matching results are always listed in order of proximity to the shopper. With Locoshop, shoppers can easily choose to visit a store or buy online directly from them. Unlike Google or Amazon who deliberately engineer search results, Locoshop is truly the most transparent way to “search global and buy local”.

What kind of products can I find on Locoshop?

Locoshop includes products from virtually all categories including but not limited to:

Which brands can I find on Locoshop?

Locoshop lists thousands of brand name products from local stores around the world. To see all available brands and available products, visit our Brands Nearby page.

Can you buy products on Locoshop?

When clicking the ‘buy here’ button on a product search result, Locoshop immediately redirects you to the retailer’s e-commerce website where you can purchase directly from them.

How does Locoshop gather its product data?

Locoshop gathers product data from e-commerce-enabled websites around the world using opt-in registration services as well as proprietary indexing technology. All product information available on Locoshop is already publicly visible on other domains and exists solely to direct re-traffic its original source. Should you wish to express a grievance concerning a registered store, please email us at info@locoshop.io.

How can I register my store to Locoshop?

To register your store to Locoshop, visit www.locoshop.io/signup. Your store must be registered on Google Maps and operate an e-commerce enabled website (Shopify, Lightspeed, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Squarespace, Volusion, Wix, etc.) to qualify.

How can I upload or update my product inventory on Locoshop?

To upload your inventory to Locoshop, simply export your product list (.csv file) from your e-commerce platform and import it into Locoshop. To find product list export instructions for your e-commerce simply click on one of the links below.

Which product categories are accepted on Locoshop?

Currently, Locoshop only accepts stores within the following categories:

How much does it cost to use/join Locoshop?

Locoshop is 100% free to use for shoppers around the world. Stores can register for free to list up to 500 products and perform 4 updates per month. For unlimited products and updates, stores can upgrade to Locoshop PRO for $350/year.