About Locoshop

What is Locoshop?

Locoshop is a search platform that revolutionizes the local shopping experience by allowing users to explore multiple stores effortlessly with a single search. It aggregates results from various stores into one comprehensive search, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites or travel between physical stores.

What products are available on Locoshop?

Much like large marketplaces, Locoshop lists a wide range of products from numerous stores across various categories, including automotive parts & accessories, baby products, beauty, books, camera & photo, cell phones, consumer electronics, electronics accessories, grocery & gourmet food, health & personal care, home and garden, industrial & scientific, music, musical instruments, office products, personal computers, pet supplies, software, sports & outdoors, and sports collectibles. The product offerings on Locoshop continue to expand.

How can I search for products on Locoshop?

Locoshop offers multiple search methods to help users find products. You can search by keyword, enter a model name or brief product description. Alternatively, you can search by brand to browse available products from nearby stores. The store directory also enables users to browse products available in all nearby stores listed on Locoshop.

Which brands can I find on Locoshop?

Locoshop features millions of brand name products from local stores worldwide. For a comprehensive list of available brands and products, please visit our Brand Locator page. By clicking on a brand, you can view all the products available in nearby stores.

Can I purchase products on Locoshop?

Locoshop is designed as a product location search engine and does not facilitate direct purchases. Once you have found a product of interest on Locoshop, you can click on the `See details` button, which will redirect you to the retailer's e-commerce website. There, you can review pricing and available sizes, and complete your purchase directly from the retailer, either online or in-store. It's important to note that Locoshop does not take any commissions or play a role in the transaction process.

Why can't I find products in my area?

If you are unable to find any results in your area, it indicates that we have not yet indexed any stores in your location. To view all the available stores in your area, please visit the Store Directory page.

Why are prices not listed?

Locoshop focuses on providing quick product location information. To view up-to-date pricing and complete product information, simply click `See details` to be redirected to the vendor's website.

Why can't I see the product location?

Locoshop utilizes your browser's location settings to display search results based on the distance to your location. Please ensure that your browser's location settings are enabled to view store locations accurately.

How does Locoshop index stores?

Like most search engines, Locoshop employs proprietary technology to indexes products available at local stores worldwide. Stores can also voluntarily choose to register with Locoshop by visiting www.locoshop.io/join. Upon qualifying for Locoshop, store owners will receive a confirmation email containing membership options.

Why are some local stores not listed on Locoshop?

While our technology enables us to index product information from thousands of stores worldwide, certain stores require custom intervention to connect with Locoshop. If you wish to join Locoshop, please complete the short request form at www.locoshop.io/join. You will receive a confirmation email with membership options.

Which stores can qualify to be listed on Locoshop?

To qualify for listing on Locoshop, stores need to have a physical address and operate an e-commerce website. To check if your store is eligible to join Locoshop, please complete the short request form available at www.locoshop.io/join. Upon review, you will receive a confirmation email with membership options.